Update November 2022 – Over the last year, P&B Capital Group has seen tremendous growth. Through many different avenues, we now provide critical information, expertise, and support for consumers and clients alike. To continue our strategic goal of upholding the highest industry standards, P&B Capital Group began sponsoring vital industry expertise articles for consumers. Our first sponsorship was an article in the Money Chat series by Receivables Info focused on gaining financial independence for beginners

November 2021 – P&B Capital Group, LLC, a nationally-licensed, third-party collection agency, is proud to uphold and adhere to the highest accounts receivable management (ARM) industry standards. Our highly-trained staff and leadership team are not only focused on remaining compliant, transparent, and honest but also on building long-term relationships that help consumers understand and resolve their financial obligations while providing improved cash flow for our creditor clients.

Our dedicated focus on the highest industry standards is built upon industry memberships and certifications, maintaining a highly trained and compliant staff, focusing on new technologies to ensure proper data handling and storage, and a set of non-negotiable core values. 

“P&B Capital Group upholds the highest industry standards not as a way to gain new business, but as a way to treat both our clients and consumers with the respect and transparency they deserve,” says Ryan Kazmark, a Managing Partner at P&B Capital Group. “Our mission statementTo deliver the highest quality of compliant and respectful debt collection services that provide clients increased cash flow while providing consumers with resources and options that help to resolve outstanding balances and return to financial wellnessis mirrored in our everyday actions, whether that be through maintaining our compliance standards within our industry memberships, or training our staff on the newest ways to treat our consumers with the care they deserve.” 

The Highest Levels of Security

P&B’s clients and consumers expect excellence at all levels and keeping data safe is no exception. P&B Capital Group is built upon a strong foundation of compliance and careful adherence to state and federal rules and regulations. We abide by the strict PCI security standards and our integrated technology systems to ensure proper data handling and storage. The PCI Security Standards Council recommends and provides resources for organizations like P&B to implement the newest, most secure data security technologies, ensuring that every payment is protected against breaches and theft. 

In addition, we successfully completed a SOC 1 Type 2 security audit that provides the confidence our clients need in our security systems to safely continue working with our professional and dedicated team. This annual security audit monitors the internal control systems P&B Capital has in place relevant to consumer financials. The report covers internal controls in the areas of risk management, logical access, change management, data security, and data availability.

Accreditations, Memberships, And Certifications 

With security standards in place, P&B Capital Group also maintains several memberships and accreditations that allow us to network and explore the newest industry trends and changes needed to remain compliant within the ARM industry. We are members of the Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) and ACA International. These two industry organizations provide P&B with a set of industry standards and guidelines that allow us to remain at the forefront of change. 

P&B Capital is also a Certified Receivables Business through RMAI, a certification that requires compliance with uniform and rigorous industry standards of best practices. CRB certification also requires businesses to pass an RMAI conducted background check. This certification commits P&B to the standards that address core principles including account documentation, chain of title, consumer complaint and dispute resolution, statute of limitation compliance, vendor management, credit bureau reporting, resale, as well as other relevant operational procedures. 

In mid-2021, P&B went through the lengthy process of earning accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Through the confirmation process and ensuring that we met BBB’s accreditation standards, P&B Capital Group also earned an A- rating. This rating, which is derived from a scoring scale of 7 factors and 13 individual elements, evaluates an organization’s complaint-resolution process and prompt communication with consumers. With a rating scale of F to A+, this rating can give assurance to both our consumers and clients that we are working in the most respectful and honest way possible. 

A Professional, Dedicated, and Highly Trained Team

At P&B, we focus on a consumer-centric approach. We understand that positive consumer experiences lead to satisfied consumers and clients. Our foundational respect for people motivates us as we remain informed and compliant with the latest standards and regulations, provide consistently positive consumer experiences, and deliver on our promises to clients in a reliable and trustworthy manner. 

Our staff is committed to providing a positive consumer experience. Our executive team is passionate about doing things the right way. We have a deep knowledge and understanding of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and applicable regulatory requirements. We provide our team with careful and comprehensive training to ensure consumer and client satisfaction.

Through industry events via our ACA International and RMAI memberships, our team receives constant updates as to the best practices in the industry and how to best remain compliant. When we aren’t in the office, our culture of good well extends into the community as we support various charities like the AniMeals Pet Food Drive. From our executive team down, P&B strives to be an industry leader and standard for others in our industry to follow. 

Representing Our Core Values

Whether it’s through our industry memberships and certifications, our dedicated staff, or our continuing commitment to data security, we are honored to uphold and represent the highest ARM industry standards across the board. P&B’s core values are compliance, reliability, and respect, and each of these is achieved through our everyday actions within the industry. 

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To learn more about P&B Capital Group and what we stand for, visit our website. Here you can explore our commitment to our consumers and our clients, as well as learn how to best contact us for further information. 

About P&B Capital Group, LLC

P&B Capital Group, LLC is a nationally licensed, third-party collection agency that services non-performing accounts receivable and loan portfolios with compliance, transparency, and respect. We help consumers understand and resolve their financial obligations while providing improved cash flow for our creditor clients. P&B Capital Group is headquartered in West Seneca, NY.