Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

P&B Capital Group FAQ

We’ve developed this FAQ to help consumers locate answers to commonly asked questions about our company.   If you have additional questions or need more information, we would be happy to assist you directly.  Please call us at 888-569-9635 to speak with one of our representatives.

Who is P&B Capital Group?2021-04-21T15:21:11-04:00

P&B Capital Group is a professional, nationally-licensed debt collection agency located in West Seneca, NY. We partner with creditors to help consumers find agreeable solutions for resolving their outstanding account balances.  Our team of professionals is highly experienced with a deep understanding of industry rules and regulations.

Is P&B Capital Group Legit?2021-09-30T12:40:28-04:00

P&B Capital Group is not a scam, it is a legitimate 3rd party debt collection agency. We are nationally licensed and recognized, and we are compliant with all applicable rules and regulations.

What is P&B Capital Group’s phone number?2021-09-30T12:35:59-04:00

Our phone number is 888-569-9635. Our hours of operation are Monday- Friday, 9AM – 6PM Eastern Time. You can also reach us by emailing info@pandbcapitalgroup.com. Our team will be happy to assist you with any questions.

Does P&B Capital Group harass people?2021-04-21T15:17:20-04:00

We do not harass people. We operate following the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact our Compliance Team by phone at 877-743-9600 or by email at debtresolution@pandbcapitalgroup.com.

Why is P&B Capital Group calling me?2021-04-21T15:21:11-04:00

If you have received a call from P&B Capital Group, we may be attempting to collect an outstanding debt. We partner with creditors to help consumers resolve past-due accounts. We encourage you to call our team at 888-569-9635 for specific account information. After we verify your identity, one of our representatives will be glad to assist you.

How long has P&B Capital Group been in business?2021-04-21T15:21:11-04:00

We have been in business since 2004. Our executive team is well-seasoned in the industry and passionate about providing positive consumer experiences.  We strive to operate with our core values of respect, reliability, and compliance.

Who does P&B Capital Group collect for? 2021-04-21T15:21:11-04:00

We collect outstanding account balances on behalf of a variety of creditor clients. We operate as an outsourced 3rd party. Our clients include credit card lenders, personal and automotive loan companies, and more.

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