P&B Capital Group, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of our new YouTube channel. The first video in the series, “Who Is P&B Capital Group, LLC?,” introduces consumers and clients to our company and provides an overview of our services.

Dedicated to Professionalism and Continuous Improvement

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of compliant and respectful debt collection services that provide clients increased cash flow while providing consumers with resources and options that help to resolve outstanding balances and return to financial wellness. The addition of our YouTube channel is one way we aim to provide increased accessibility to important information about our business and how to manage accounts. 

Convenient, Informative Resources

When consumers have questions about how to make a payment or set up a payment plan, need to find information about our organization, or have questions about how to contact a member of our team, our new YouTube channel will provide information in easy to access video formats. We’re proud to integrate this audiovisual component into our website to further connect with our clients and consumers in the ways most convenient for them. 

Visit Our New Website

Our new YouTube videos will be embedded into our completely new, expanded website. Key features of our new site include clear navigation, full responsiveness, innovative design, and clear information about our company. Our new website was built and designed on the powerful WordPress platform with a fully responsive design, meaning that it is equally fast and functional on various devices­ by adapting to the size of the screen– smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. This prevents the user from having to zoom, pinch, scroll, or resize to access content and provides a more pleasant and comprehensive user experience. During design and development, Branding Arc’s SEO team was an active part of the process to ensure that the new website is search-engine friendly. Our new site is optimized specifically for search engines which includes the integration of keywords, an internal link structure, multiple types of content, tags, image alt tags, meta description tags, and more into the design. This ensures that internet users are provided the most relevant and valuable P&B Capital Group information that is available on the web. 

Follow Us

Stay informed of our latest company news and industry information by subscribing to the new P&B Capital Group YouTube channel. You can also follow us on our other social media channels­; like us on Facebook and connect with P&B Capital Group on LinkedIn.

About P&B Capital Group, LLC

P&B Capital Group, LLC is a nationally licensed, third-party collection agency that services non-performing accounts receivable and loan portfolios with compliance, transparency, and respect. We help consumers understand and resolve their financial obligations while providing improved cash flow for our creditor clients. We are headquartered in West Seneca, NY.