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P&B Capital Group offers a full suite of recovery services built on our core values of compliance, reliability, and respect.

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Third-Party Debt Collection Services from P&B Capital

Licensed, bonded, and insured in all 50 states, P&B Capital Group provides creditors with professional collection services by working with consumers toward the resolution of outstanding account balances. Our services allow first-party creditors to focus on their core business and recover cash flow to their bottom lines by outsourcing recovery efforts to our highly skilled team of professionals. We work with a variety of creditor types to achieve account resolution. We are consumer-centric and focused on providing a positive experience for consumers.

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The Benefits Of Third-Party Debt Collection Services

In-house receivables can be a time-consuming, reputation-altering service. P&B Capital Group leverages our compliant, reliable, and respectful team to collect on behalf of our clients to preserve their consumer relationships and save them their valuable time and resources. We give our clients the freedom to improve, expand, and explore their core business while we utilize our modern and compliant recovery techniques.

Why Use P&B Capital Group’s Debt Collection Services?

P&B Capital Group has decades of receivables management industry experience and has built long-term relationships that help us collect on all overdue accounts. We have extensive experience with credit cards, auto loans, fintech loans and other types of consumer loans and financing instruments. Our consumer-focused recovery team ensures that each consumer is treated with respect while recovering past-due funds timely and transparently.

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Compliance & Technology

P&B Capital Group is built on a strong foundation of compliance. Our careful adherence to state and federal rules and regulations allow us to employ a variety of technologies to assist with account stratification and strategized recovery efforts. We maximize our clients’ investments by applying strict PCI security standards and securely integrated technology systems to ensure proper data handling and storage. P&B Capital seamlessly integrates with our clients’ systems using customized methods and solutions for each client’s unique needs. Our infrastructure and experienced team of professionals allow us to adapt to industry changes and client-specific requirements as needs evolve, setting us apart from the competition.

Highly-Trained Team

Our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to providing a positive consumer experience that leads to the resolution of outstanding account balances. Led by a team of well-seasoned executives, we are passionate about doing things the right way and achieving ongoing professional growth. We have a deep knowledge and understanding of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and applicable regulatory requirements. We provide our team with careful and comprehensive training to ensure consumer and client satisfaction.

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Providing reliable, respectful and compliant results for clients through positive consumer experiences.